Chalimbana University classified among the top 4 Tier 1 Public Universities by HEA.                                                                                      

In a significant milestone for Chalimbana University, the Higher Education Authority (HEA) has officially classified us as one of Zambia’s distinguished Tier 1 universities. This prestigious recognition allows us to offer qualifications up to Zambia Qualifications Framework (ZQF) level 10, showcasing our commitment to delivering top-quality education. Zambia’s educational landscape is brimming with a multitude of public and private higher learning institutions, making it challenging for prospective students to discern which institutions can genuinely provide recognized qualifications. In response to this, HEA has undertaken a thorough inspection process aimed at ensuring quality assurance, regulating both public and private higher education institutions, and registering private higher education institutions.

This comprehensive inspection process involves rigorous assessments, incorporating meticulously designed tools and criteria. Institutions are required to meet specific criteria, achieving predetermined acceptable percentages to be classified into distinct categories. Importantly, to ensure ongoing improvement, this evaluation is repeated annually. HEA is pleased to announce that only 62 Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) have been recognized and registered, earning the classification of universities. Among this elite group of 62 institutions, 14 are authorized to offer Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs. This select group includes both public and private universities, with Chalimbana University proudly representing one of the four esteemed public universities, while the remaining ten are private institutions.

At Chalimbana University, we take immense pride in having successfully navigated this rigorous evaluation process. We are delighted to meet all the requirements established by our regulatory authority. Our commitment to maintaining and enhancing our status is unwavering, guided by our core values of integrity, service, and excellence. We extend an invitation to the public to join us on this educational journey. By enrolling with Chalimbana University, you’ll experience a superior level of education and become a true game changer. Our dedication to delivering high-quality service is unwavering, and we are eager to assist you in achieving your academic aspirations. Join us at Chalimbana University and be part of a transformative educational experience.