Chalimbana University


Mrs. J.C.B Nyondo

Dean School of Sports, Music and Fine Arts


The school of Sport, Music and Fine Arts currently has four departments namely; Department of Physical Education, Department of Sports Management, Department of Music Education and Department of fine Arts.

The mandate of the school is to provide quality physical education and sports management courses to trainee teachers and sports administrators who have a responsibility to equip young people with psychomotor skills, cognitive understanding, social, emotional, managerial and sport skills in order to have a sporting and physically active country. Quality Physical Education and Sport in schools can help in improving the quality of sports in the country and increase physical activities which can help in weight control and prevention of none-communicable diseases.

Objective of the school

The objective of the school is to:

  • Prepare student teachers and sports managers with specialized knowledge in the field of physical education and sports management.
  • Promote entrepreneurship and economic participation in both formal and informal sectors with the aim of increasing the efficiency of the national economy
  • Develop a Zambian society with people that will be versatile, creative, employable, entrepreneurial and productive
  • Provide quality training for imparting appropriate vocational skills relevant to the socio-economic development needs of Zambia
  • Provide access to training opportunities to all the people in the community and promote self-reliance in the Zambian society


  1. Department of Physical Education
  2. Department of Sports Management
  3. Department of Music Education
  4. Department of fine Arts
  1. Kalumba E .N – Lecturer (Physical education)
  2. Kasuba J. Lecturer (Physical education)
  3. Mary M. N - Lecturer (Music education)
  4. Dr. Kakoma K.- Lecturer (Music education)
  5. Chileshe C. - Lecturer (Fine Arts)
  6. Phiri Y.K - Lecturer (Fine Arts)
  7. Chibwe D. - Lecturer (Fine Arts)


  1. Physical Education and Sports
  2. Sports Management
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Music
  4. Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts
  5. Bachelor of Arts in Applied Theatre