Chalimbana University




The School of Education is currently the largest school in the university whose mandate is to train teachers for both primary and secondary levels. This is in line with the Ministry of General Education Bulletin (2013) which emphasises the need to train more teachers to reduce the teacher-pupil ratio challenge.


  • Train a reflective, self-critical and well-rounded education practitioner.
  • Develop programmes that meet the needs and demands of society.
  • Conduct research in order to improve the pedagogical skills of teachers.
  • Enhance excellence in research and publishing.
  • Enhance strategic linkages and partnerships with other organizations


  1. Mr. Simbeye .J  (Ethics, Morals & Values in Education)
  2. Dr. Chirwa . B  (Sociology of Education)
  3. Ms. Banda .F ( Ethics, Morals & Values in Education & Education Research)
  4. Mrs. Mphande R (Curriculum Studies)
  5. Mrs. Kambita. W (Ethics, Morals & Values in Education and Special Education)
  6. Mrs. Munkombwe. P (Education Media Technology)
  7. Mrs. Chisopa. B (Psychology of Education)
  8. Mrs. Munyimani.J (Sociology of Education)
  9. Mr. Chavwanga. V (Ethics, Morals & Values in Education)
  10. Mrs Muyatwa. E (Psychology of Education)
  11. Mr. Kukano .C (Education Administration)
  12. Mr. Maambo C. (Special Education)
  13. Mr. Zulu E (ICT Education)
  14. Mr. Lungu F (Administrative Officer)
  15. Ms. Mvula. L (ICT Tutor)
  16. Ms. Mujelemani. S (Administrative Officer)


  1. Bachelor of Education - Secondary
  2. Bachelor of Education - Primary
  3. Bachelor of Guidance and Counselling with Education
  4. Bachelor of Community Education and Development 
  5. Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology with Education
  6. Bachelor of Special Education
  7. Diploma in Teaching Methodology - Distance